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It Went To Fast

I can’t  believe another Christmas has come and gone! We had a great time this year.  Brian and I  decided it would be small and all about the kids.  So, the Saturday  before Christmas we started and finished our shopping.  Christmas Eve  we went to a lovely service held at the church I  work for.  We then took the kids for their first Christmas  Light Tour!  They had a blast!  It was nice and mild, we loaded up with snacks and warm beverages and off we went!

These were taken at a house that lets you walk through their Wonderland for a donation to the Food Bank.  They do this every year…last year they raised over 1200  pounds of food!  It was fun!  Abi thought it was fantastic!  Caleb not so much…haha
When we got home it was time to hang stockings by our “fireplace” and then bed time! 


Mom and dad were up late wrapping of course…but this was worth it…

We actually  had to wake the kids up so we could open gifts and head over to Auntie’s  place for biscuits  and sausage gravy….YUMMMMYYY….. and of course more gifts…

Poor Oscar was worn out by all the excitement…


The day ended with a lovely turkey dinner …


I was asleep before the kids…like 7!!! It was a fantastic day! 
Boxing day I  did brave a few stores with my mother-in-law, Mary, and her foster daughter, Sarah.  It was a good time! 
The end of the day was spent doing what dads do best…

Figuring out the toys!

I hope you all had a very happy Christmas and pray many blessings on the coming year!!!

Oscar looking forward to a new year

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