My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

Home Again, Home Again…

I love being home in the Valley....the air, the wind, the sun, the beach, my family... This year was no different!!! Sadly, shortly after we got there the smoke from the fires on the mainland moved into the Valley and covered the sun and the mountains. It was hard to breath some days... it also… Continue reading Home Again, Home Again…

My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!, The One Pound Plan

One Year Post-Op!

One year ago today I went in and had gastric bypass surgery... ONE YEAR AGO!!  WHAATT???  I can't believe how fast this year has flown by!  I also couldn't be happier with the journey! Nov 18, 2015: 282 lbs (First day in the program) Aug. 15, 2016: 247 lbs (Surgery Day!) Aug. 15, 2017: 179 lbs… Continue reading One Year Post-Op!

My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!, Team Diabetes, The One Pound Plan

Race Weekend ~ It Begins

Well hello and welcome to Race Weekend.  Yup, I am aware it's only Thursday night, but my weekend has officially started!  I am packed and ready to go.  My house is a horrendous mess, but I'm ready to go! Haha... Sigh.  Sunday...My fellow Team D'ers will be on the course... This is my first half… Continue reading Race Weekend ~ It Begins