Darn Yarn & Stuff Like That

Working on My PHD.

Its so hard to stay focused on one yarn project at a time when you spend spare time waiting for appointments or when you can't sleep scanning Pinterest. This is why I end up where I am today... With a HUGE PHD load. And before you shake your head and wonder "what have I missed?"… Continue reading Working on My PHD.

Darn Yarn & Stuff Like That, My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

Yarn-Full Thursday! ~ What I’m Up To

I am on attempt number 3 of this darn thing... Three times a charm right?  I didn't have the right crochet hook, so I though I would try a larger one.  Nope, that didn't work.  Then I tried a smaller one... nope, no go either.  So I broke down and picked up the correct size… Continue reading Yarn-Full Thursday! ~ What I’m Up To

Darn Yarn & Stuff Like That

Yarnful Thursday ~ New Yarn!

There is almost nothing as exciting for me than getting new yarn, save for getting two orders of new yarn at the same time!!! Say hello to my new friends... Top: Forty Shades of Green! It is a kit for a 1 skein cowel! I ordered two just in case I loved it so much… Continue reading Yarnful Thursday ~ New Yarn!