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Weigh-In Wednesday ~ As Promised…

I have started a couple "Playlists" in my YouTube Chanel.  One is a workout from "The Fitness Marshall" and the other is just some Step Videos I plan on doing.  I'll keep adding stuff to them, but it's a start for now. I did "The Fitness Marshall" one last night, and all I… Continue reading Weigh-In Wednesday ~ As Promised…

The One Pound Plan

November 19, 2013~Tuesday Check In

Well It's that time of week again....Weigh in!  I have been curious to see if my running/walking intervals and trying to eat better have made a difference.  Well....I was surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning.... Weight: 265 Goal: 264 So normally I wouldn't make a note of what was actually lost in… Continue reading November 19, 2013~Tuesday Check In