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Did I Ever Tell You About The Time…

I walked 26.1 km in two days? Haha... Its been a week since the Queen City Marathon race weekend and I'm still stiff!! Ugg...getting old sucks! Friday, September 8: I walked in the Night Owl 5km. It was so much fun! I walked with some ladies I met at my One Year post-op appointment. They… Continue reading Did I Ever Tell You About The Time…

My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!, The One Pound Plan

Wednesday Weigh~In – April 26, 2017

So a year ago I was approved for my surgery.  I can't believe it's been a year already!  A lot has happened since--the biggest thing of course was the surgery itself in August.  I was looking through pictures of the past year and found this beauty... You can't unsee that... so I'm sorry... Well I… Continue reading Wednesday Weigh~In – April 26, 2017

Team Diabetes

Team Diabetes ~ March Walking Challenge 

Hello BlogLand!!!  As some of you know, I am taking part in three events with Team Diabetes this year!  The first one is a half marathon in Calgary in May, followed by a half marathon here in Regina (QCM) and finishing off with a half marathon in Victoria for Thanksgiving weekend (gotta make room for… Continue reading Team Diabetes ~ March Walking Challenge