Team Diabetes

The Speedy Turtle 2017

I am super excited to announce that I am hosting my first ever "Virtual Race"!  What is a virtual race you ask?  Well let me tell you... In a virtual race you challenge yourself.  You get to choose the distance, the method and the location.  You can walk, run, bike, swim, row, skip, hula-hoop, dance… Continue reading The Speedy Turtle 2017

My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!, The One Pound Plan

All I Want For Christmas… a one-way ticket to One-derland!  Say hello to 196 lbs! Bam!  Merry Christmas to ME! I couldn't be happier right now!  Well I could, I could celebrate with a huge piece of cake and some ice cream, but I'll settle for my mocha protein shake with a touch extra cocoa powder as a treat… Continue reading All I Want For Christmas…

Team Diabetes

Team Diabetes ~ Amalfi Coast Bound 2017

Team Diabetes Canada is an organization that raises money for research, education and resources for the more than 10 million Canadians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes.   We raise money and take part in events all across Canada and around the world.  We can easily be identified by our Team Diabetes Canada shirts as we walk,… Continue reading Team Diabetes ~ Amalfi Coast Bound 2017