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Anniversary Oops…

This past Wednesday was mine and Brian’s 8th anniversary…only it wasn’t. It was actually our 9th!!! I can’t believe I messed that up but its gone by so fast I think its easy to miss a year in there! Right??!!

We finally had a date night to celebrate. A friend of mine was having a fundraiser event so I signed Brian and I up for it. An hour of axe throwing!!!

The guys running the event gave some great instructions and safety tips… My favorite was to “try and not catch the axe if it bounces back towards you”. As a mum this was funny because my natural instinct has become to catch things that fall to avoid having a huge mess to clean up…so yep, I had a struggle keeping my hands down as axes were bouncing back all over the place! Hahaha.

It was a fantastic event! It is a great way to work off some stress for sure. We both decided we would do it again for sure! Our second throw together ❤

I can’t believe it has been 9 years! There have been struggles, tears, laughter, and joy. I feel blessed to have shared it all with him! We have two amazing kids…even if they drive us crazy most of the time…and many many years and adventures ahead of us. It won’t always be easy, but it won’t always be hard either. As long as we are together I know we will make it through it all!!

So here’s to many many more anniversaries!!


2 thoughts on “Anniversary Oops…”

  1. Omg, I love that: don’t catch the axe if it bounces back”!! Lol. What a fun date idea… I want to do that now!

    Congrats on nine years! That’s incredible!! 🙂

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