Darn Yarn & Stuff Like That

Working on My PHD.

Its so hard to stay focused on one yarn project at a time when you spend spare time waiting for appointments or when you can’t sleep scanning Pinterest. This is why I end up where I am today… With a HUGE PHD load. And before you shake your head and wonder “what have I missed?” No, I am not working on a real PhD. PHD= Projects Half Done.


My latest “Squirrel” (distraction) project is a 10-Stitch blanket…I’m using Caron Cake in Cake Pop. This is two cakes worth thus far. I am planning to use 4. Then I have another one in another color to make. I think I will make them for the kids…. yep… distracted!

And so I have decided to try and finish my other Projects Half Done.

I am taking a pair of socks to work on while I am on holidays. That’s the first project i hope to finish. 1 pair in two weeks… Seems doable, however, I’ve never made socks before so two weeks might not be long enough.

The next project I hope to finish this summer is a Lord of the Rings double knit scarf.

It was started a long time ago with some birthday yarn I had picked up.

Next I will finish a purple mermaid tail blanket…

Finally I will finish a shawl that was for my friends wedding… I fell and messed up my hand and wasn’t able to finish it. However, the plan for this may change as she has since had a precious baby girl. I’m going to check with her first but this may become something super cute for Jr. instead of the bride 😉

There we are. If I can mange to stay focused long enough, I’d like to have these done before Halloween… We shall see!!

Abi and I leave tomorrow for holidays and I am so excited. Its 3 am and I can’t sleep kind of excited…haha. There is so much to get done today my yarn will have to wait! Abi said she’s only taking a bathing suit and her stuffed animals…I can’t really say anything because all I want to pack is my yarn and a bathing suit… Sigh… She is my kid!!!

Well, its time to try to go back to sleep!! Have a great weekend!! My next post will be from Vancouver Island!!


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