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Summer Prep ~ One Month Until Vacation!


One month!  I will be on holidays in ONE MONTH!!!!! Am I excited?  You bet I am!!  2 glorious weeks with my mum and dad and I can’t not wait!  The next 30 days will go by so slow (but super fast at the same time if that makes any sense!)  I am also looking forward to connecting with friends I haven’t seen in many many years!  But I am mostly looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying the view off my parents deck while the kids play!

I have to start packing! Haha… Well planning my packing list. Yarn, a book (or two) my bathing suit and what ever the kids will need. Should just about cover it!  I’m sure I will think of something else along the way, but for now I’d say that is a very good start!  Speaking of yarn…

I am super excited to meet a lady who dyes and spins yarn right there in my home town!  Spun Ware Over the Rainbow is located in Courtenay and I have been chatting with her about getting some “Ravenclaw” themed colored yarn as well as a chance to go and learn how to spin fiber into yarn.  I can not wait!  I will be sure to post some great pictures of our day of fun!  Until then, here is some of her yummy handy work…

I think it will be a fun time for my mum and I.  And then to be able to make something out of the yarn we have spun… totally exciting!

Well it’s time for some more coffee and list making… I hope you have a great weekend!  Say safe as you celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday!!



8 thoughts on “Summer Prep ~ One Month Until Vacation!”

  1. WOW what a view!!!! Sounds like it’ll be a nice vacation and what a fun opportunity to make something with your mom! That yarn is really awesome! I like to buy yarn but I never get around to making anything with it, lol.

    1. Haha.. I buy lots of yarn too that ends up unworked…hahaha… But I’m looking forward to seeing what I get 🙂 I might be inspired to make something with it…hahaha…

  2. Just seeing this! It looks like you are almost set to start vacation! Me too! I can’t wait to relax and chill with the family! Have plenty of fun!!!

  3. I will have fun… one more week to go… is it bad that I am already checked out in my brain?? hahaha…. Are you going to see family or are they coming to you? I hope you have a blast!

    1. Haha.. Yeah… I have been sharing my journey on Facebook and so she’s seen my pictures. I do have some family I’ll be seeing for thw first time since a year before the surgery so they may be a bit shocked… 🙂 That never gets old… To vein? Hahaha…

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