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Post-Race ~ I Finished!

20170528_231258There it is!  “Finisher”!  When I picked up my race stuff on Friday I was a little annoyed that the shirt said that because I wanted to wear it on race day.  I can’t wear a “Finisher” shirt to the race… what if I don’t actually finish!!??!!  Alas, I did finish and it felt great!!!  It took me a whopping 3 hours and 39 minutes to get it done, but I got it done!  

 I am not going to lie, I was a little annoyed that it took me that long.  I thought I was doing really well.  But at around the 11km mark my music died and I was left fighting the “just quit, you’ve already gone past 10km” or “you are in pain and your tired, just quit” taunts in my head all the way to the 17km point.  It was there that another racer paused her run to walk with me for a bit. 

She asked how I was doing and congratulated me on doing so well for my first half marathon.  I almost cried….I was so tired!  I think she knew I was mentally done because the raised her hand and said, quite loudly, “The toughest race you will run is the one in your head!”  And she picked up her run again with one last cheer and encouragement that we were almost done…. I was then alone on The course so I did actually cry…haha.. My hips hurt, my back was tight, my feet were screaming at me and my knee has just exploded into a balloon as I passed the 19 km mark.  Remembering what I was just told I sucked it up and gave it everything I had for the last 2 kms.  I was sure I was dead last, but according to the standings there were 25 people who finished after me.  So, I didn’t get a personnel best on my 10km portion, and that’s ok.  I didn’t finish in under 3 hours like I was hoping to.  The point in all of it is I FINISHED!!  I have earned my “Finisher” shirt and medal and I am damn proud of myself!

 Then I went back to work for a few days and rested up so I could walk a 10km event today (Saturday) with my friend Peggy.  We have both had the Gastric Bypass surgery and at the same time last year struggled to finish 5km.  Today was a great victory for us both!!


I have been sitting and enjoying a coffee reflecting on how far I’ve come in the last few years…from struggling to get motivated to get up and walk to being addicted to getting “just one more mile” and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.  I’m also so thankful and blessed to have had all the amazing support and encouragement during this time!  My hope is that this journey, which is not finished, will inspire and encourage someone else! 

The toughest race you will run is the one in your head” ~ unknown runner

So, find the voice you need to beat that head race and get going.  You are worth it!  You won’t regret it!  You will be proud of yourself!  You got this!! 

Now go get you next mile done!


2 thoughts on “Post-Race ~ I Finished!”

  1. Jenn, I couldn’t be more proud of you if you paid me!!!! Congratulations on an excellent race!!!! I remember the feelings I had when I finished my first walking race – I did the Hypothermic Half Marathon in -20 degree weather and ended up with frostbite under my chin, and major knee damage, but I was so damn proud of myself…I finished in about the same time as you too!! Ray was there at the finish line to capture the moment and it was glorious!!! It’s an amazing feeling when you can get past your brain and do what you’ve set out to do, so I commend you. And then to rest and go on to do a 10K????? Oh Lady…you are amazing indeed!!!!

    Much love to you and thank you, as a Diabetic, for doing what you did!!!! I appreciate it. I hope you get answers to the knee problem soon, and are no longer in pain. Love to you and the family!!!


    1. Oh Miss Pamela… Thank you!! I had no idea you did that half marathon!! Way to go!!! I know your joy in finishing!! But seriously? -20… Dang… Nicely done!!
      Love you too and I’m very happy to have helped make a difference. I have another half in September, also with Team D! I’m addicted honestly..hahaha… Hugs my friend!!

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