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Yarn-Full Thursday! ~ What I’m Up To

I am on attempt number 3 of this darn thing… Three times a charm right?  I didn’t have the right crochet hook, so I though I would try a larger one.  Nope, that didn’t work.  Then I tried a smaller one… nope, no go either.  So I broke down and picked up the correct size and have started all over again.  We shall see how it goes!

I started it (again) at church this last weekend
I am working the Romantic Wrap pattern from Patons.  I am trying it with Caron Cakes in Cake Pop, which is a self striping yarn.  I am not sure how or if it will actually work out…I feel there may be a 4th attempt coming up!  hahaha…

It is currently packed in my bag to go with me to Calgary for the weekend.  I should know by the time I get home if this will work or not.  If so, great!!  If not, well… I’ll frog it and start something new…hahaha.. Until next week!!



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