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Wednesday Weigh~In – April 26, 2017

So a year ago I was approved for my surgery.  I can’t believe it’s been a year already!  A lot has happened since–the biggest thing of course was the surgery itself in August.  I was looking through pictures of the past year and found this beauty…


You can’t unsee that… so I’m sorry… Well I have an updated version for tonight…

Bicep: 3.5″
Waist: 10″
Hips: 11″
Thigh: 5.5″
Calves: 3.5″
Weight: 75 lbs



I forgot to add my current weight: 179 lbs.

So there are a few differences.  I can honestly say I am finally seeing them.  I know that sounds strange after losing 100 lbs but I sometime don’t see it unless I am comparing pictures like this.  When I am sitting down or something I still feel like I look 282 lbs.  But then I catch a glimpse in the mirror and I am shocked… almost every time… that I am actually NOT that heavy anymore.  These comparisons are a huge help!

Here’s a recap of losses:

November 18, 2015: 282 lbs (beginning of the program)
August 15, 2016: 247 lbs (surgery day)
April 25, 2017: 179 lbs (8 months post-op)
Total Loss: 103 lbs

I have noticed, now that my walking season has begun, I am able to get better time per mile and not feel winded.  I’m down to just over 16 min/mile.  That’s down from almost 20 last year.  I’m able to keep up with the other ladies and I don’t feel like I’m holding them back.  I did a 13 mile walk a couple weeks ago and still felt strong at the end…I was ready for a nap, but I felt strong! Which brings me to my knee… du, du, dummm….

This past week I received a letter from the orthopedic surgeon.  I have a consult on May 2 to see what they will be able to do.  I’m a little nervous that he will tell me my walking days will be cut back.  I am loving the miles I’ve been putting so far and I have so many more I want to do.  So far this month I have put in over 100 miles…21.8 of those this past week alone.  I know they will do what they can and I will do what I am told…well, I’ll try to…I just hope I can still do the first of my three planned half marathons.  It’s the end of May.  The other two I will give up if I have to, but that one I have to do because I’m doing it with one of my best friends, Diane.

All things considered, I feel great, and motivated.  It’s starting out to be a great spring… well if it would ever stop snowing that is…


Well that’s all for this week folks!  Now get out there and get moving!   I know you want to 😉



10 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh~In – April 26, 2017”

  1. *******WOW!!!!!!!********
    Look at you!! That is a massive night & day change! You look like a different person!! You should be incredibly proud of yourself and the changes you’ve made in just a year. Over a hundred pounds…. GONE!! Woohoo!!!

    So happy for you!!! Fingers crossed your knee consult goes well and they can help you without derailing your walking!

    1. Thank you! When I was taking my measurements I didn’t have the before picture open so it was a total surprise when I was putting the post together. Haha… I feel like a different person. 🙂
      Yes, I’m hoping my knee will be a “simple” fix…but if its surgery I’ll take it. It really is hard to live with some times. But I’m just stubborn enough to push through it…haha.. 🙂

  2. I’m not surprised really that you don’t see it unless you compare pics. And isn’t that the worse when you want to run or jog and something stops you? For me it was always a stitch. I’d be all revved up and ready and focussed and motivated…run for 5 minutes and get a stitch. GRRR!
    That’s my excuse for taking the car everywhere now.

    1. Haha… I will be honest, if we lived in a more central location, I would walk EVERYWHERE! Sadly, I need to drive just to get milk… I am addicted to walking… knee pain and all… Well, not so much the pain, but you know what I mean.. haha

  3. 2 other thoughts:
    1. I hear about the running but I don’t recall hearing about the beans or indeed the sheep in any of your posts. I would like a refund please.

    2. Stop tormenting that pup with popcorn! 😀

    1. Haha… he does love popcorn!
      Yes, I was thinking the same thing about Beans and Sheep just the other day… stay tuned… I have some coming up, hopefully this weekend 🙂

  4. I just can’t get over how much progress you’ve made. This is awesome. You are an amazing woman (always were though). I’m starting my own weight loss journey (using weight watchers and working out)

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