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Weigh-In Wednesday ~ Down But Not Out

Hello and welcome to Wednesday.  The middle of the week.  Hump day.

Found on Pinterest
Found on Pinterest

You get the picture.  I am sorry to say that I don’t have a great report today.  This past week has been rough.  Settle in with your coffee and I’ll fill you in…

It all started back in grade 9 (so around 1988-89 or so)…. just kidding.  Well kind of.  It did start then when I had a nasty knee injury while having a snowball fight with a bunch of kids at recess one day.  Over the past few years my right knee has been giving me grief and getting worse.  And more recently my left knee has decided it was feeling left out and started to hurt as well.  I am guessing that years of carrying all that extra weight didn’t help either.  So, I finally made an appointment and saw my Dr. yesterday.  Yeah, he is referring me to a surgeon.  Then he told me to “back off on the excessive walking and to try and not fall down the stairs.”  To which I replied “um, I’ll do my best”  Haha… he gave me a look and a smile.  He knows me too well.  He said the surgeon will most likely do and MRI on my knees and a scope on the right one for sure.  After that he has no idea what will happen.  I am praying for 2 things… an early appointment (as in sooner rather than later) and NO SURGERY!


Both my kids rooms are upstairs and when I have to make several trips a night trying to get them to sleep… stairs suck!  I totally get what he means about not falling down them though.  A few times me knee cap felt like it has blown off my leg and I have almost gone down… so I will truly do my best not to take that lovely trip!   As for backing off on the excessive walking?  Hmm… ok, if I must.  But I am trying to get 2017 miles this year and I won’t get that if I have to “back off”… sigh… So, as per the Dr’s orders, I will be taking things easy over the next little while.  He didn’t say stop, just don’t over do it.

I also talked to the Dr about a nasty rash I have been getting on my bellybutton and around the area where I have a lot of loose skin from the weight loss.  He has given me a cream for it and said that I would probably qualify for the skin removal surgery once I am closer to my goal.  That was very exciting!  Not the rash, the possibility of having the skin taken off… hahaha..

In other news… Abi has her first dance recital tonight and I can not wait to see her stand on the stage and stare out at me and move awkwardly and seem like she has no clue what she’s doing…. that is what a 4 year old does at a dance recital right?  hahaha… No matter, she will look so cute!  I’ll have pictures of her outfit next week.

I did have a fun Non-Scale Victory though… I put on a pair of size 12 jeans and they fit!  I was wearing a size 10 in high school!  I couldn’t believe it!  Workouts have stalled due to my sore knee and sadly I have been eating badly.   It’s a mental game now right?  I’m mad because I can’t do what I want and so I snack because I’m bored.  I need to put my game brain on and find other ways to stay active without hurting myself more and to keep me from snacking… bring it!  I got this!  tumblr_lj3t79ToKm1qchk28

I hope you have a great rest of your week!  It’s coffee time… Ciao!




4 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday ~ Down But Not Out”

  1. Size 12 jeans Jenn??!!! That’s fantastic!!!!!! Did you ever think you would get to that point? I’m so proud of you!!!

    As a person with crappy joints throughout the body and hips/knees in particular, ask your doctor for advice about wearing knee braces during the day. They will help to stabilize your knees to keep them tracking properly and prevent wear and tear problems at the same time. They can help reduce pain as well, and the over the counter ones might be enough to do the trick. If you need something more than that, a prescription from your doctor can be enough to get them covered through Brian’s insurance (if he has coverage).

    Please look into this asap…it can save you a lot of pain and suffering before you see the surgeon and have a final plan worked out!!!

    Love to you! Keep up with the great work!!!!


    1. That’s a good tip, thanks Pam!! I will ask about that for sure.
      Nope, I never thought I’d be into that small of jeans ever again…it is the best feeling!!

  2. OMG… so never thought I’d say it but…. I’m jealous of your rash. HAHAHA
    I think to qualify for ‘medical reasons’ for skin removal surgery I’m going to have to rub poison ivy all over my tummy and thighs! Think that’d work? hahaha

    GO YOU for fitting into size 12s!! That’s super duper, I know. You start to feel like a total sassy-pants, don’t you? I know I did when that happened! Had a little sashay in my walk, hah!

    Sorry, though, to hear about your knee. That is a total bummer. I hope it gets resolved soon and your recovery is speedy so you can get back to exercising… and climbing stairs.. and generally walking around without pain!

    1. Haha… poison ivy might work… haha, but yikes! Yes, they changed the rules for the skin removal the week I had my surgery. It used to be that because I was part of the program I would be referred once I met my goal weight. Now you have to have lost and maintained that loss of 100 lbs for a year, have and maintained a BMI of 30 or less for a year AND have a medically treated skin condition due to said weight loss… thankfully I have met all three of those, now to maintain it for a year… hahaha.. But I plan to talk to my Dr about a referral when I lose another 15-20 lbs. It will be a long wait list so I can do my maintaining once I’m on it 🙂

      Yep, I was super pumped when I put on my new jeans… a whole new attitude for sure! Like “look at me in jeans almost the same size as in high school!” hahaha…
      My knee sucks! And last night didn’t help. I was doing a lot of squatting getting Miss Abi ready for her recital and today it is very sore… ugg… I’m going to see about a knee brace though, it might help (Like Pam suggested)
      Have a great week!!

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