Team Diabetes

Team Diabetes ~ March Walking Challenge 

Hello BlogLand!!! 

As some of you know, I am taking part in three events with Team Diabetes this year!  The first one is a half marathon in Calgary in May, followed by a half marathon here in Regina (QCM) and finishing off with a half marathon in Victoria for Thanksgiving weekend (gotta make room for turkey dinner!!)  
To help raise some money for these events, I am going to do a “Walk-a-Thon”, of sorts, for the month of March.  How it will work is like this…

Starting today (Feb. 1) until midnight on Feb. 28, every donation of $5.00 gets me walking 1 mile starting March 1.  As I complete your donated amount I will let you know that I’m done! 🙂  I will either walk outside (if the weather permits it) or I’ll rack up the miles at the Field House indoor track.

So, get me moving for Team Diabetes!  Donate today on mTeam D page.

PS…I’d be ever so grateful if you could share this post… 🙂

PPS… thank you so much for all the amazing support so far!!!


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