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Before & After Fun ~ November 24, 2016

So last night the kids and I had some fun.  I found some clothes that are way too big.  then I asked Caleb to take some pictures.  Here is what happened.   

It’s a liiiitle big!

Then I made some “Before & After” images… 

It’s almost 4 years to the day between these pictures!
Same clothes, 1 year apart!

I am so excited to see the difference!  We had so much fun!  

Now it’s time to get my “Workout” on!  I need to shape my Batman wings into some fine sculpted flying machines…I mean muscled pipes!  It’s time to uncover those “6-pack” abs I know are in there somewhere!  My “Buns of steel”  need some shaping!  We shall see what the next year brings!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


3 thoughts on “Before & After Fun ~ November 24, 2016”

    1. Haha.. I know right? We had so much fun and it zipped up with no problem!! I’m a little sad because I LOVE that coat. Oh well, it will have to make someone else happy… 🙂

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