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Weigh-In Saturday ~ One Year Down The Road

Yesterday marked one year that I entered the Pre-op program for my Gastric Bypass surgery. One year!  I can’t believe how fast that went by and how much has changed!  

As promised, I have some pictures for today 🙂  But first… some stats…

Start Weight: 281 (20 stone, 127 kg)

Surgery Day Weight: 247 (17 stone, 112 kg)

One Year Weight: 213 ( 15 stone, 96 kg)

Total Loss To Date: 68 ( 4 stone,  30 kg)

I could not be happier!  I met with the dietitian yesterday, and she said she is very proud of me and my progress.  Then she looked at my picture from the first day and she looked stunned!  That made me feel so good!  When she showed it to me I almost cried.  I do see a difference and I am so thankful that this tool has been made available to me.  I feel blessed by the overwhelming support from my family and friends throughout this journey!   I’m sitting here waiting while Abi is in dance class trying to keep it together in front of all these mom’s while I type this up.  I’m so happy!!  

My eating is still a little shaky, but the dietitian reminded me it’s only been three months since my surgery and it will take time.  It will take time.  She said to keep track of what bothers my tummy and try again in a few weeks, keeping track of the changes.  I still journal all my meals, and that’s a huge help too.  So far I only get about 650-700 calories a day.  I’m hoping, as I get more active, that will go up a little.  

What’s next?  

Well, I have plans to take in a few races in the new year.  Three will be with Team Diabetes–a half marathon in Calgary, Victoria, and Regina.  I am also planning to do a 10km in June with Shoppers Drugmart’s Run for Women’s Mental Health, and the 5km Moose Jawg on Canada Day.  I’ll be walking them all because my knees won’t be able to handle the running, still it’s moving right?? 🙂  I am also planning to get back into competitive swimming.  I am going to take in a free tryout for the Regina Masters Swim Team in the next couple weeks!  To top off the list of challenges for 2017/18, I am going to try to do my first Triathlon!  Eek!  This one is more of a dream than a must do as I’m sure I’ll be busy with all my other activities…haha… but what’s one more thing right!!

Well I wI’ll close here for today (class is almost done) Thank you, again, for all your support and encouragement!  It has meant the world to me!!  

Have a Super Duper Weekend!! 


3 thoughts on “Weigh-In Saturday ~ One Year Down The Road”

    1. I know…so crazy! Wait until you see my next post. I have a few more before and after pics… Teehee…the kids and I had fun last night! Hahaha… Hope you are well!

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