My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

Team Diabetes…Look Out Italy…I’m coming to Conquer The Amalfi Coast 

And raise money and awareness for people who live with diabetes!  

I have been a Team D member for a couple years now.  It was sad to check in on the Queen City Marathon today and not be participating.   Last year, it was my first event with Team D and it was fantastic!  

Followed by my second event in Victoria…

Now my sights are set on a 9 hour hike along the Amalfi Coast in Italy next July.  But I won’t be stopping there.  I’m planning to walk a 5km AND the Half Marathon this time next year in the Queen City Marathon as well!  

To get there, I need your help.  Not just me, but everyone who lives with diabetes or pre-diabetes.   Every little bit makes a difference!   Won’t you consider joining me and donating today?  

A huge chunk of the money I raise (over 70%) goes back into research, bringing awareness, running D-camps,  and special services for remote locations in Saskatchewan.   The rest goes to admin fees to run the programs.  My travel to Canadian events (like Victoria) are covered by myself. And my goal is to contribute the cost of my travel to my own fundraising for my Italy event.  My goal is to raise $7500 altogether.   

Together with your help, we can find a cure and change the lives of thousands of people!  I’ll do the walking/hiking, you cheer me on!  

Give today!  

Every donation of $25 will get a hand made Infinity Scarf.  

Every donation of $100 or more will get a special gift from Italy.

Every donation will get your name on my jersey and you’ll make the walk/hike with me!!

Click here to donate today!  (All donations of $15 or more, in Canada, will receive a tax receipt) 

I’d also really appreciate it if you could share my post!  The more people who know about this opportunity,  the more we can do to make a difference!!  

Thank you for all the support so far!  Let’s kick diabetes in the butt!!


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