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Weigh-In Thursday ~My New Stomach Takes Me To School!

Good Evening!!  I hope your week has been steller!!  If it hasn’t been, I’m sorry…I hope it gets better!!  This post might not help though…you won’t be able to unsee what you are about to see…hahahaha… 

It’s been three weeks since my surgery.  I’m enjoying some real food again.  I’d love nothing more than to say I feel great, but that would be a lie.   This week has been aweful.. Starting with last Saturday. 

I spent Saturday in the ER because of some lower abdominal pain.  Several tests and way more hours than I wanted to spend showed there was nothing wrong.  No leaks (that’s a great thing) and no backups.  So I went home almost pain free and with no clue as to what caused it.  Thankfully it hasn’t come back.

Sunday, my new stomach took me to school and I failed!!  (warning this might be too much information for some)  We had ham, and  scalloped potatoes with corn on the cob at my sister-in-laws for lunch.  I tried a small bit of potatoes and tried to get ham with as little fat on it as possible.  I don’t think it mattered because for almost two hours afterwards I was throwing up.  And it wasn’t easy to do.  My mother-in-law had to coach me through it all. To make the pain stop, I literally had to make myself throw up.  Something I never want to do again!!  It hurt when it went down and I thought I was going to die when it came back up.  It eventually stopped and I slept for almost two hours.  I never want to experience that again.   It is safe to say my new “weight loss tool” is fully functional.  When they said no fatty foods they weren’t kidding.  Yikes!  

The rest of the week I have almost been afraid to eat much more than refried beans, cottage cheese, yogurt, and fruit Popsicles.  I can’t even handle coffee 😦  But it’s all good!  It works and that’s what I wanted!  

Speaking of working, here are some updated stats…

November 2015: 282

August 15, 2016: 247 (surgery day)

September 7, 2016: 232 (3 weeks post-op)

Total loss: 50 (22.6kg, 3.5stone :)) 

Goal: 160 (give or take 5lbs)

To go: 72

I told my friend, Cindy, today that I still don’t really “see” a difference in my size.  I mean my clothes are getting to big, but when I look in the mirror I just don’t see it.  So I did some three week post-op pictures and compared them from my night before surgery. 

Left: August 14. Right: September 7
Left: August 14. Right: September 7
Left: August 14. Right: September 7

Well, there you have it.  Im slimming down, learning how to work with my new stomach, and trying to feel better.  So we shall see what the next few weeks bring.  My next update will be after my six week appointment on the 28th.  

Have a Super Duper weekend! 


8 thoughts on “Weigh-In Thursday ~My New Stomach Takes Me To School!”

  1. Don’t get it. Why do fatty foods hurt? Was it because it was fatty or because it was too much? Is this forever or will your stomach learn how to deal with all foods again?
    Ha! I trust you can REALLY see the difference now! Loving the hair too!

    1. Well, my stomach is too small to break down fatty foods properly so it just gets stuck in there…causing pain and dumping… It’s the same issue with too much sugar. I hope that explains it… I’ve been told it will get a little better but I will always have issues.

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