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Weigh-In Wednesday ~ Post-Op Day 16 ~ Two Week Follow Up 

Mommy and Me foot spa day…6 days post-op

Two Weeks!!!  Time has flown by!  My parents head home to Vancouver Island a week from today…I’m not looking forward to that.  I have enjoyed having them here!  I will miss them so much.  Plans are already in the works for a Gurel Family Vacation to the Island next summer… I am already counting the months! (11 to be exact!) 

I am getting stronger every day.  I have been doing more and getting out and about town doing more.  Tomorrow I’m hoping to take my first intentional exercise walk.  I don’t know how long that will be yet, but I’m going to give it my all!  

Today was the two week post-op check up…it went really well.  

  1. My blood pressure was 123/83.  That is the best it has been since just before Abi was born.  I was told that I need to continue to monitor it once a week and record it until my six week follow up on September 28.  I’m hopeful it will remain normal and my blood pressure meds are gone for good!  I haven’t taken any since the day before my surgery.
  2. I’ve been given the green light to add soft food to my diet.  So for the next five to seven days I can have things like cottage cheese, light Babybell, Greek Yogurt (low sugar and no chunky fruit), refried beans, lentil soups (pureed so there are no lumps), and other high protein stuff.   Next week I can add things like canned tuna, low fat mayo, tender chicken and eggs.  Bye bye Shakes six times a day.  I am still required to use Shakes once or twice a day to make sure I hit my protein goal of 60-80g a day… No problem!
  3. My weight was 236.5!! Bye bye 240’s.  Ive lost a total of 45.5 lbs since November and 10.5 since the surgery. (insert happy dance here!) 
    In desperate need of a hair cut, but I’m seeing results!
  4. I’ve sent one huge bag of clothes to the Salvation Army and bag number two is underway.   It feels so good!
  5. I am registering for Flamenco lessons that will start the end of the month!  How cool will that be!  Eek!!!

Well, there you have it…things are moving along swimmingly!  I’ll have some pre-op and post-op pictures next time.  Have a great rest of your week!!


5 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday ~ Post-Op Day 16 ~ Two Week Follow Up ”

  1. This is great girlfriend! Flamenco lessons??? You’ve motivated me lady! Maybe I should take some lesson. 🙂 Happy Friday!!!

    1. Unfortunately my Dr said I have to wait until their second semester classes. But, yes, I’ll be taking them for sure! You should! I think it’s going to be a blast learning something new and fun!

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