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Post-Op Day 6 ~ A Little Update

I can’t believe tomorrow will be a week since I checked into the hospital!  Wow!  

Day 5

Aside from feeling slightly like the “Bride of Frankenstein”   I’m not doing too bad.  Here are some highlights and not so highlights of the week… 

First off, I’v had a rough day today.  Nothing I drink wants to settle and I’m getting random shots of pain in random places.  It has just made me grumpy today.  I hope tomorrow will be much better.

Since coming home on Thursday, I’ve walked around Costco, been to the office once, gone grocery shopping and done several laps around my back yard.  Its nice to be able to get up and do things.  However, I can only do so much before I’m ready to sleep!  Hahaha… Having major surgery does that to a person I’ve been told.

 I miss putting my kidos to bed.  My parents have been so amazing!   They’ve entertained, fed, bathed, and put my kids to bed every day since I’ve been home!  And the kids have been super with them. I’m convinced these aren’t even my kids actually!  They eat what they’ve been given, take there baths, for the most part, without complaining.  Bed times are the hardest.  I still can’t lay down so I go up and tuck them in and leave them with Nana or Popop.  

Now for the best part of this week… At least for me… My weight checks!  

Day of Admission: 247 (down 35lbs since November)

Day of coming home: 250!!?? (Booo!  I’m guessing iv fluids and other things played into that number)

Day 6 Post- Op: 242!!!! (down 40lbs since November, and 7 since Thursday!)

I feel stronger every day.  I am still a long way off from getting my required food/liquid amounts in, and today was the biggest struggle with that, but I’m hopeful that will get easier 

Tomorrow is a foot spa day with my momma!  She’s never had a pedicure before, so I’m really excited to share this with her.  

That’s really all I’ve got!  I’ll be back next week with more updates!  I hope you all have a Super Duper week!!


7 thoughts on “Post-Op Day 6 ~ A Little Update”

  1. *☆☆☆~Doing the “happy 242 dance”!!~☆☆☆* woooooo hoooo!! That’s excellent!! 🙂 Glad you’re up and about walking and also resting/taking care of yourself too. It’s all good & amazing things from here!

    1. Hehe… I’m not gonna lie…I kinda laughed when I saw that number! Yep, a little happy dancing going on for sure! 🙂 Today was rest and watch hubby and dad rip out some plants and trees (you know, someone needs to supervise!) and then pedicures with my mom 🙂 loved it all!

  2. Phenomenal girl! Sooooo happy for you. Just thinking ahead for next Summer…You’ll be in bikinis by then 🙂

  3. Ha! Okay I’m thick about weights and measures so I’m just going to take it that that’s a lot! 2nd thicko incident of the day in the form of a question: If you don’t get the required amounts in then does your new stomach take on board new problems such as you not stretching it enough? (Jeez is that even English?!) 😯 – Sorry have a lot on the brain and it makes me dumb.

    1. I am not sure what will happen to my stomach actually. Today I find out if I’m aloud to move on to other food. I really hope so.
      Yep, 44 is a lot…well for me. It works out to 19 kg or just over 3 stones 🙂 does that help 🙂 hehehe

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