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Weigh-In Wednesday ~ Official Weight

Good evening!!   I hope your week has been as grand as mine has been!  

I started my liquid/shake Pre-op diet on Monday.  My official weight from my pre-admin appointment on Friday was 257…that’s 25 lbs down from November 18!  I’m very pleased!  Since Monday I’ve lost almost 3 lbs already. I’m a little shocked!

As well as Shakes, I’m aloud clear sugar free fluids: sugar free jello,  crystal light,  and broth, decaf black coffee or tea.  Already day three and I’m sick of it all..sigh.  Oh well, it’s still going well!

I also finished my “I Shall Not Snack”  Shawl… 

“I Shall Not Snack”

Abi wouldn’t model it for me so I used her bear…haha..he did quite well don’t you think!?

And I’ve started another one…

I’ve modified the pattern slightly and I’m not sure how it will turn out, so we shall see.  I’m loving the greens though! 

Abi amd I have been enjoying our annual “Mother/Daughter” week as Brian and Caleb are ar boys camp.  She’s definitely finding her inner teenager!! Yikes!  For instance,  this morning she informed me she didn’t have to go to aunties house while I went to work because she was a big girl and could stay home alone… Imagine a red headed three year old, arms crossed telling me this.  Cute right?   Now imagine stuff there that happening all day long!!! Sigh… It’s bed time soon and I’m looking forward to some quiet “Forensic Files”, my last shake of the day and some yarn time.   All in all I’m loving this time with her.  

Afternoon Lego building
Avoiding “Mt. Washmore” in the background
Snuggle time before bed

Have a great rest of your week all!  I’ll be back next week with another update!!


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