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Weigh-In Wednesday ~ Almost Time!

I can’t believe that 3 weeks from tomorrow I’ll be coming home from the hospital!!   It’s starting to finally feel real.  Especially since I picked up my shake mix for the next two weeks today… 

Allow me to introduce you to my breakfast,  lunch, supper and bedtime snack for two weeks starting Monday… 

Chocolate & Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Yep, this is all I’ll be living on for 13 days.  Yum!  I can not wait!!! (insert major sarcasm WITH eye rolling here)  Seriously though, this will be good.  I’m sure I’ll see some numbers drop from the scale in the next two weeks and that’s awesome.  The reason I need to be on this shake diet, so I’ve been told, is so my liver will shrink a bit to make room for the Dr to do his magic.  Huh…who knew!?

I haven’t been walking very much.  There are a number of reasons for this, all of which sound like lame ass excuses, so I won’t even begin to insult you by trying to explain it all away…. But some of them are really legit.  (severe bladder infection…who wants to walk with that much pain, inflamed knee, and migraines)  I may not be moving much but I haven’t been snacking much either… Check out the progress on my “I Shall Not Snack” Shawl

It should be done in a night or two, after which I’ll start another one.  I already have the yarn chosen for it 🙂 

It’s been a busy week.  Mine and hubbies 8Th anniversary was yesterday and to celebrate I knocked an item off my Pre-op Bucket list… 

Baseball Steak from The Keg. Before
Postmortem! It was AMAZING!!

I had a serious food hang over the next day!  Totally worth it!  I enjoyed every juicy medium rare bite!!

After that I’ve been working lots to get things done before I’m off work for three weeks.  Yikes… It’s coming up fast!

Well I guess that’s about all the rambling I can do for today!  (I know, those who know me are laughing and saying…”yeah right!”) But it’s true.  I don’t have much else to report!  I’ll have an official Pre-op weight on Friday after my appointment…I can’t wait to see what it is…so I’ll be back then!!  

Have a groovy evening!


1 thought on “Weigh-In Wednesday ~ Almost Time!”

  1. Ohhh goodness… 13 days of shakes! I only did 2-3 days (thank goodness!) but I know plenty of people do the full 2 weeks-ish. I’ve never tried the protein powder that you have (I’ll have to check it out!). Pre-Op I was in love with the Vega Protein & Greens in the chocolate flavor, but couldn’t (and still can’t) stand the taste of it Post-Op. Nor of any of the chocolate protein powders or shakes. Weird!

    My go-to since surgery is the Bariatric Fusion Cappuccino flavored powder. It’s a little pricey but it tastes really smooth. I also like the Nectar protein powder in vanilla. Just throwing those out there because you might get tired of what you’ve got for 13 straight days!! 🙂 🙂

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