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One Month….The Countdown is ON!

wp-1464649160845.jpgI finally got a call!  My surgery will be on August 15 at 8 am!  I couldn’t be happier!  That being said, I have a lot to get done before then!

  1.  I want to get my bedroom organized and de-cluttered.  I won’t be able to do much after surgery for a while, so things like this need to be done before.  It’s not just my room but the basement and front hall closet as well.  Let the purging begin!  Time to get ruthless!
  2. Painting!  I would love to paint the living room and kitchen before I go into the hospital, but this is not a realistic goal, so I’m not very attached to it.  It’s more of a “man it sure would be nice” than anything else.
  3. Pack!  I started a list today of things I want to take with me.  I’m going to be in the hospital from Monday until Thursday (and hopefully not a day longer!) so I will need some yarn, audio books, headphones, bible/journal/summer writing plan, my own pillow!  Oh, and something for my feet.  I’ve been told walking barefoot in a hospital is gross… Meh, it has never bothered me, but I’ll take something anyway to satisfy the squeamish who might come to visit.  My water bottle, and some stretchy pants and t-shirt as well.
  4. Enjoy a really good steak!  After surgery steak will be off my eating list for a while, I want to enjoy one before!  Is that bad?  haha..

I’ve been asked how I’m feeling about it all, now that I have a date.  I’m super excited!  I’ve waiting a long time for this and I can’t wait for the journey to kick into high gear.  I’d be lying if I said I’m totally fine with it though.  I’ve had seriously high blood pressure since Abi was born and when I had my gallbladder taken out in 2014, they had serious issues with it after.  Like, it took a long time to wake up.  Apparently it went through the roof during the procedure and it gave them a scare.  So, that is playing in the back of my mind.  There are risks with every operation, I just hope this will be a non-issue this time around!  My last check it was only 132/83, which is the lowest it has been in 3 years, so we shall see.

The best part of all of this is how things have worked out with my parents.  They booked their flights to come out here in May, once I was approved.  We didn’t know when this would be going down so they just picked a random 3 weeks.  The arrive on August 16 (the day after) and leave on September 7 (2 days after I go back to work)  How awesome is that??!!  Having their extra hands will be so wonderful!  I love God’s provision and perfect timing.  This means that Brian doesn’t need to take a bunch of time off, which is great and less stressful for him.


I’m still living “Just For Today” and it’s working well.  Here is what I’ve been distracting myself with when cravings for snacking kick in… It’s a shawl called “Rae” and it will be huge when it’s done!




There’s my update for this week.  I haven’t gotten the courage to weigh myself yet, but I’ll do that this week for sure.  My pre-op diet starts August 1… nothing but 300 ml protein shakes 4 times a day and water.  I will miss chewing!   Blood work was done today and it only took one stab .. it usually takes 2 techs and 5 tries, so I call this a success!

Have a great weekend!



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