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Happy 42nd Birthday to Me!

My birthday is actually tomorrow, but the celebrations started today! 
Up first..



A 5km walk for Women’s Mental Health, sponsored by Shopper’s Drugmart.   My friend Peggy and I spent a glorious morning walking for a great cause.  It was sunny, it was hot, and even though Peggy had rolled her ankle a couple days ago, we finished!!  Yay us!!




Lunch with to wonderful friends, Cindy and Pamela! (I just realized I didn’t get a picture of the three of us, so sad!)  We went to Eastside Mario’s where I enjoyed my all time favorite… Cheese Capeliti!  I didn’t even bring home a doggy bag, I ate it ALL!  Zero guilt here!! 

And then…


My awesome Birthday Cupcakes!!!  Made by my talented friend Pamela.  The label says “100% Edible Yarn made with Sugar and Love”  They tasted as amazing as they look!  Again, zero guilt!! 



I’m nursing a sunburn.  It has gotten considerably darker since this was taken this afternoon.  I’m on some medications that, apparently,  make me more sensitive to the sun… Yikes, it’s warm!!  But I have a very happy heart tonight!!  I feel blessed to have health, an amazing husband, wonderful kids (who are away this weekend with Mim and Auntie), and truly wonderful friends!!  Life is good!


Tomorrow, Brian and I are going to the Keg for lunch after church for birthday steak…I’ll have zero guilt then too 😉 

I hope y’all are having a truly blessed weekend!!


16 thoughts on “Happy 42nd Birthday to Me!”

  1. Ok I have SO MUCH to say!

    #1. Love that you went on that walkathon. I want to do one! Your hair looks shorter, did you cut it???
    #2. I OBVIOUSLY love the dress! It looks glorious on you! You can see the weight loss! Wow!!!

    #3. The Cheese Capeliti looks delicious! Oh man, I miss East Side Marios!

    #4. Those cupcakes. are. ahhhhhhmazing! I really gasped as I saw them. How cool is that? Totally your personality.

    #5. Sorry about the sunburn, at least it nice weather though? (Glass half full???)

    #6. First of all you don’t look your age, so I am just gonna believe that you are 35. Happy Birthday friend. May this year be the best yet.
    God Bless. Monique

    1. And I’ll take that 35! Thank you! 🙂 I don’t feel 42 that’s for sure! I was going to just wear the dress (it’s strapless) but I don’t have the courage to yet. Maybe later in the summer I will.
      Aren’t those great cupcakes!? She is so amazing! She did Abi’s and Caleb’s 1st birthday cakes too. I want to do a blog post just on her… hmm… I might have to look into that!

      Thanks my for the wishes my friend!

    2. Oh, yes, I did get my hair cut… it’s time for a trim … I’m going on Saturday actually (A late birthday gift to myself) I’ll try and find the picture of what I’m eventually aiming for. I love my new hair dresser, she’s not intimidated by my crazy “Harry Potter” style curls! hahahaha… More to come on that this weekend 🙂

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