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100 Miles In May

I started the month hoping to walk 100 miles in May.  Well, last week it rained and was very cold.  Add to that a killer headache most of the week, and I’m behind!  As of this morning I’ve walked 27.61 miles.  Sigh… Oh well.  I’ll get as many in as I can and be happy with it!  I have found my love for walking again! 
When I start I try to take a sunrise picture…here are the ones I’ve taken so far!

It is an amazing time to walk.  Some mornings I’ve had company and we’ve had great conversations.  The other mornings I’ve walked by myself.  Those mornings I take the time to reflect in stuff going in and spend time talking to God.  No matter how I’ve spent my time walking, it’s the best way to start my day.  When I walk I eat better, sleep better and generally feel better about myself. 

The best part of my walking days is when I come home from work and the kids ask about my walk..”How was your walk mom?”  “It was great!” “Oh good!  Will you go again tomorrow?”  “I hope so.” “Go mom go!!” (that was the other day.)  It encouraging to know they know I’m working on my health. 

Well, have a great evening.  Time to get my stuff together for my walk tomorrow, another 5:30 morning!! 


6 thoughts on “100 Miles In May”

  1. Gah! I wish I had some places to walk where I am currently living. I live out in the country, but there is no sidewalk, and just barns and stuff. Beautiful and peaceful…but not really walk friendly. Enjoy those sunrises my friend.

      1. Ummm…only by car. Lol. There is a forest area, a stream and some barns in my backyard. But nothing is walkable.

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