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22lb Victory

img_20160430_144453.jpg Good Monday Morning!

It has been 2 months since my last post and I did that on purpose.  I haven’t been weighing in or anything between my March appointment and last week because I just wanted to focus on my eating, drinking and exercising and not worry about the numbers.  I had some specific goals and I’d say I nailed almost 100% of them.

Here they were:

  1. Drink more water … done!
  2. Excercise more (at least 3 times a week)… done, walking almost every day near the end and still going strong!
  3. Cut back my coffee… it’s still decaf and it’s still a work in progress.
  4. Hit my protein amounts every single day…DONE!
  5. Cut my fat and sugar intake… still working on it but much better.
  6. Record every single thing I eat, no matter what… done!
  7. Be nice to myself, accept nice from others, and no bad talk… will always be a work in progress, but doing much better!

The result:  A total of 22 lbs lost in 6 months!  (Insert Happy Dance Here!!!)  img_20160504_140833.jpg

And so, with lots of hard work and effort I have been approved for gastric bypass surgery!  There is a three month waiting list, but they said I should have a call with a date soon.  Phew.  BUT, I still have to continue on the road I’m on.  They will be following up with me two weeks before surgery to check my weight and my food records.  They can still pull the plug if I am not sticking to the life style changes they have been helping me make over the last six months.  Trust me, the urge to go back and just pig out and drink all the coffee and soda I want has crept in… but I will resist!  (Although the day I got the news I did have a little treat of half a soda.. it wasn’t great!)

Now what?  Well, I would be lying if I said this last six months hadn’t lit a fire under my butt.  I am down almost two pant sizes, my shirts are bigger, I have way more energy than I did before, I feel better in general.  While my mom was here I got the courage to take some “before” pictures in my bathing suit… eek… Warning, you can’t unsee this next picture!


My mom said she already sees a difference from the last time she saw me in my bathing suit and that makes me very happy.  This was 5 months into the program and I will take another one 5 months post-op to compare.  I can hardly wait!

One of the best things to happen since this all started is I have found my love for walking again!  I’m on a personal challenge to walk 100 miles in May.  This past weekend I walked 8 with a fellow Team D member as she is getting ready for Australia at the end of June and I am now getting ready for Italy next July (2017)!  Success comes with a plan.  I have one now, and  a goal.  Life is good!  screenshot_2016-05-07-10-07-56.jpg

I have learned that this is not easy.  Being a loser is hard work.  But, with prayer, support, planning and a kick ass attitude (yep, I said ass!) it can be done.  I can not thank everyone who has cheered me on enough.  Thank you for your prayers, shoulders, hands, words, tough talks, butt kickings, and smiles throughout this journey.  It has meant the world to me!  Please keep it coming!  It’s a long road, it’s easier with a cheering section!

Have a great week! cropped-06993ed521a0df6e383939b4e08665cb.jpg


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