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It’s Not Easy Trying To Be A Loser!


I had someone ask me once why I’m considering having Gastric Bypass.  “Isn’t that the easy way out?” they said, only half joking.  My reply today?  It’s not easy trying to be a Loser!  Yes the size of my stomach will change causing a rapid loss in weight because I physically won’t be able to eat much.  However, changing your lifestyle to live with that smaller “Pouch” as they call it, is not easy at all!!!

I had my 4 month check up today and it was discouraging,  frustrating, and so not motivating at all.  Much like the last 2 months have been, if I’m completely honest. 

Here’s the low down:
} I’m up 2 lbs from January, however I’m still down 8lbs over all. Today’s weight was 272 šŸ˜¦

} I have been given the next 8 weeks to get back on track or I won’t be approved for the surgery (gaining isn’t an option)

} I need to do and record 20-30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week and 2 days of strength and core building a week

} I need to continue to record my meals, making sure I’m getting my protein goals met every day and I’m weighing and measuring everything for accuracy.

} Absolutely NO soda… At all ever!

} No more coffee, even decaf, until after my 6
month post-op check up (this is because I like my cream and sugar!)… But I can have decaf tea because I don’t put anything in it.

} My daily calorie budget has been reduced from 1550 to 1400 a day. I have been coming up short by about 300 a day because I’m just not hungry enough so I fill it with junk empty calories… So no more of that!!!

There it is. It’s Crunch time. I was hoping to be doing so much better than I am. I talked to the other two girls doing the program with me and we all agreed that this last two months we hit a wall. Motivation went down, we questioned ourselves. Even the dietitian said it’s not unusual for this to happen at this point. But now we need to power through and make those changes!!! I was reminded today that they like to see between 4-10% of our beginning weight lost… I’m closer to 4 but would love to hit 6%, so that’s my goal this next 8 weeks…I only need to lose another 8lbs!

It starts tomorrow. I came home tonight and I packed my gym bag, got my lunch ready for tomorrow and will take a smoothie for breakfast after the gym.

Locked and Loaded!

But tonight, I’m allowing myself to take it all in and wallow… Just a tiny bit. šŸ™‚ Tomorrow the home stretch is in sight!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I can’t tell you how much the support I have gotten has meant! Your cheers have not gone unheard!!!

Have a great rest of your week!!


6 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Trying To Be A Loser!”

  1. Look, this stuff isn’t easy. The food we are eating today clearly has elements in it that puts weight on folk much more aggressively than ever in the past. They even put stuff in food now to make folk addicted to it. That is what you are fighting. Being overweight is an industry.

    I actually wrote a whole lot of other stuff but I’ve cut it down. YOU know what you have to do and want to do and that’s what matters. Keep your chin up Missus.

    1. Thanks Ms. Ed! I’ve actually never thought of that…being overweight as an industry…you are totally right! Huh… Puts a whole new perspective on things actually.
      Yep, I am ready to kick this in the butt šŸ™‚ I hope you have a Super Duper Day!!

  2. You can do this. I have a dear friend who is about five years out of surgery. The road was definitely not easy for her but she dug in and did it. Her life is full now of health and activity. She weighed 364 pounds before the surgery and now is around 160. She continues to weigh her food and be selective of what she eats. She has found new foods that work with her pouch and are delicious. You are on a marvelous adventure!

  3. Hey friend! It has been too long. I have missed your blogs so much. As you see I have not written on Sweet Family Home in weeks. I needed a HUGE break. I ended up renaming my blog to signify a fresh start. It’s at if you ever want to venture over.

    I hope you are doing well my friend.
    Enjoy the warmer weather.

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