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Yarnful Thursday ~ New Yarn!


There is almost nothing as exciting for me than getting new yarn, save for getting two orders of new yarn at the same time!!!
Say hello to my new friends… Top: Forty Shades of Green! It is a kit for a 1 skein cowel! I ordered two just in case I loved it so much I wanted to make another one.
Bottom: Killarney Sock in Borealis 😉 this will become my first ever pair of knitted socks! I can’t wait!!!
Now, I have to finish the wedding shawl first, and then it will be full steam ahead on these beauties!!!

Today’s yarn:
Escarpment DK in Forty Shades of Green
Killarney Sock in Borealis
Both from The Blue Brick /seekingjohn1010.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/wp-1456427314713.jpg”>image
Have a wonderful week!


5 thoughts on “Yarnful Thursday ~ New Yarn!”

  1. Ha! Love your yarn tales. The green is my favourite (not that you asked!) and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result…Maybe it’s some kind of yarn fetish? Only I think it would be the same if it were the first few bricks of a building or a the first 2 lines of a haiku. My brain likes to see everything done and dusted and tidied away. Plus I like good honest creativity, as it is so lacking these days. Either way I will be seeking help. 😀

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