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I need your help!!

I am assisting a fellow Jamberry consultant provide 350 deserving young ladies a manicure and pedicure for their graduation celebration through an amazing event called the Cinderella Project!

The “Cinderella vision is to meet the growing need for every Calgary area grade 12 female graduate to complete their high school requirements and attend their graduation celebration in the dress of their dreams, regardless of social or financial circumstance”. For more information, please visit

If you would like to help make these young ladies’ graduation ball a little more magical, you may contribute here:

The funds will be used to create a package for each “Cindrella”, and will include nail wraps, nail file, alcohol swab, cuticle pusher and application instructions. Each package costs approximately $7.50.

A custom wrap has also been created to raise funds, as well as raise awareness of the project. Each wrap is $22.50 CND + GST, and $5 will go towards the fund.


Please consider skipping your latte and muffin today and donating to this amazing cause!


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