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Yarnful Friday ~ A Day Late

Well, it’s been a slow week, Yarn wise thst is. 

Second ball down!

My progress thus far on the Wedding Shawl.  Slow going. 

I have also been working on a crochet Infinity Scarf with my special yarn…

Star Stitch and Half-doubles... It's going to be pretty!

I can’t wait to get these both done! But, I have had a small setback this week.
On Wednesday morning I slipped down the stairs in some unseen ice in plain view… I landed on one hand and I was sure it was broken. Thankfully it’s not, but it is making knitting g and crocheting rather difficult…

Nothing broken

It’s not stopping me from trying though..haha. I get a row or two done and then I have to stop for a bit.

Well, it’s time to get settled in for some audio book time and scope out my next few projects… Like this one 🙂

Double Knit fingerless mittens! LOVE!!

Have a great weekend! Next week I’m off to a retreat for work… Looking forward to some “Me” time for a few days. Who am I kidding… I’m going to miss my kids and hubby!!


Today’s yarns:
Lion Brand Woolspun in Purple (Wedding Shawl)
Balance Pier (The Blue Brick) (Star Stitch Infinity Scarf)

Vogue Knitting: Vintage Hats (Wedding Shawl)
Dandelion Daze (Star Stitch Infinity Scarf)

Revelry (Double Knit Fingerless mittens)


6 thoughts on “Yarnful Friday ~ A Day Late”

    1. Hi msbunky!! Thanks for the prayers… Always appreciated 🙂 my wraps is from a sports store. It’s an Ice Wrap. You get it wet, freeze it for 15 minutes and then put it on… Works amazingly! I can’t remember what it’s called, sorry 😦
      Thanks for stopping by! Happy Saturday!

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