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Weigh-In Monday ~ January 18, 2016


So I found this thing on Pinterest where you can put in your current weight and your goal weight, height, choose your body shape, hair color, and what to wear and it gives you a “current and goal” image. I’m not sure how accurate this is but I found it encouraging to see the difference 120 lbs might make. It’s not going to be accurate at all I’m sure, but encouraging nonetheless. 🙂

Anyway, I’m doing my weigh in early this week because I had my 2 month pre-opp appointment today and didn’t want to wait to give an update.
Here are the stats…
Start Weight: 281.2
Today: 271.2

Even though I only lost 10lbs, I’m not discouraged at all! My pants are too big, my shirts are not so snug…even my underwear is too big! (TMI I know… Sorry) But the best part of today was seeing my blood pressure!! It is down to 122/78! That is the lowest it has been since just before Abi was born! This is HUGE for me! I’m making an appointment to see about changing me BP meds or even getting off of them! Super Excited!

The next two months will be critical for me. We talked a lot today about life after surgery… Life with a golf ball size stomach. I need to have better eating habits in place for sure, but I also want my exercise routine to be solid! Here’s what my homework is…

1. I need to chew everything to mush! Otherwise I’ll get backed up and it will all come up…enough said about that. This will be tough for me. I have a very sensitive gag reflex, and mushy foods trigger it every time. So, this will be a lesson in strength for me. The dietitian suggested eating with baby spoons so the bites would be smaller and therefore easier to chew up. We shall see. After surgery I won’t have a choice, better fight with it now right??

2. I need to slow down. They want each meal to take 30 minutes to eat. Let’s face it, at my full recovery, my stomach will only hold about a cup and a quarter (max) of food at a time. If I eat too fast, I’ll have the same issue as not chewing enough. I need time for the food to move it’s way down. I guess it’s a good thing it takes my kids so such a long time to eat… I can use them as my pace setters 🙂

3. Planning! I need to plan meals and count my calories.. Being sure to get enough protein in a day. I have a menu plan for the next two weeks and will keep writing them up forever going forward. Each days calories are already planned for me. I have a little bit of wiggle rooming my daily calorie budget for the unexpected things, but it’s very small. My budget is 1500 a day. So far I’ve done well at keeping at or below that. Bow it’s time to focus on making those calories count!

4. Hydration… I need to find a love for water! I’m so happy we can have sugar free flavours in our water. I can’t stand it plain.. Yuck!

5. Get moving now to stay moving after! It needs to be part of my new lifestyle. Tomorrow is gym day. My goals (set by the Physical Therapist) are 30 minutes of cardio, and plus some strength training three times a week, minimum. I think I can do that at least right? I am also considering getting a trainer for a bit to help me get set up with a routine.

I have a goal of taking dance lessons in the fall. Getting stronger now will help me make that step! I hope I’ll be able to find something I will love and be able to get into a class… I’m thinking either Tap or Flamenco… Fun right??!!

How am I feeling about all if this? Well, I’d be lying if I said I was perfectly happy. I am nervous and afraid to fail. But I read something today on the wall in the Physio room… “I’m not perfect, but I thank God I’m better today that I was yesterday!” It’s totally true. And it won’t be easy, but it will totally be worth it! I’m excited to continue this journey and too become a stronger person, both physically and mentally! I have an amazing husband who is cheering me on and totally supportive as well as some amazing friends cheering and supporting as well! For them all I am eternally grateful!!

Prayers are always appreciated and welcomed. Feel free to comment, cheer, or ask questions… I’m open to sharing as I go 🙂

Have a great week!!

The last picture taken of me pre-opp


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