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Happy Monday!


Good Monday!!  How was your weekend!!  I spent my weekend working in plans for 2016!! 

The biggest project is Budget!!  I think I finalized that today.  Now to put it in action.  Brian and I want our roof re-shinggled this summer and to start saving to finish our basement.  The good news is, if we can manage to stick to this budget we could do both within the next year and a bit!!!  That makes me Super Duper Excited! 

My other project this weekend was to find some challenges to do this year.  Here are a couple I found…
1. 12 Book reading challenge... I’ve started reading Pride and Prejudice.   More on this challenge later.

2. 30 day photo challenge


3. A couple workout challenges


4. An organization challenge


I think that’s a good place to start my year 🙂 

I have also been rethinking my blog. I have not been posting as regularly as I’d like, so I have chosen a couple days a week to post on specific topics…
Monday’s… For random general life posts

Wednesday’s will be getting back into weighing in, sharing favorite recipes and update on my journey to Bariatric Surgery

Thursdays will be projects, pictures and updates of everything YARN!!

Sunday’s will be Coffee with God.

The rest of the week will be for catching up on my blog reading and commenting 🙂 I have missed posting but life has been way to disorganized to keep up. So I’m looking forward to getting back at it 🙂 I hope you’ll stay in touch! I love reading your comments and will reply as much as I can 🙂

Here’s to an amazing 2016 in BlogLand!!!

Have a great week!


6 thoughts on “Happy Monday!”

  1. Yay! Like it! Like it! The plans all set out there! Plus another rejig of the blog! Is this how often you change your home around!?
    I didn’t get round pre-Xmas, bet that tea (or was it coffee)’s gone well cold! 😀

    1. hehe… tis alright 🙂 I can always brew another 🙂 hahaha… nope 🙂 I just like to change things up once in a while 😉 What is it they say… Change is almost as good as a holiday?

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