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The Ultimate Trust Fall


A couple Sundays ago I heard a story that has had me thinking a lot.  I don’t remember the entire thing, but the last few lines have been playing over and over…

A son has escaped a fire to the top of the burning building and his father is safely outside the building.  The son is scared and can’t see anything through the thick smoke and flames that are surrounding him but he hears his father telling him to jump down. 

‘But I can’t see you’, the son says. And the father replies, ‘but I can see you and that’s what counts!’

Those lines have become a bit of a theme song for me lately. I have said the same words to God over and over. He asks me to trust Him, my reply is that I can’t see Him and so I hesitate.

But what will happen if I hesitate too long? Well, if the son hesitates too long he will surely die in the flames that are threatening him. I’m not surrounded by flames but I feel that if I hesitate too long, I too will be in grave danger.

What if Jesus had hesitated when it was time to go before Pilot? What if he decided that it was to risky to take that last step for someone he couldn’t see…for me. He didn’t know who I was at the time (maybe he did). But he went to his death without hesitating. With faith that his Father knew the plan.

I think the answer here is Faith.

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I want to work on my Faith. I don’t want to hesitate anymore. I want to take that step and trust that God will be there…that is after all “…what counts!”


Here’s to a year of walking by Faith. Here’s to the Ultimate Trust Fall.


15 thoughts on “The Ultimate Trust Fall”

  1. Shall I go there?….Okay I will! I find….(being surrounded by Christians), that they often come to this conclusion, then when they take a step in the fog or dark in faith and they are not caught and land on their rump, they make up reasons, or excuses for why God didn’t catch them. ‘It’s not God’s time…’ ‘You have to keep on praying…’

    So what does ‘God will be there’ mean if it does not mean he WILL be there necessarily. Eg if I say I will be there (for something important) as a friend, only death will stop me from being there – and if it’s something humanly un-avoidable that is what a mobile phone is for, to keep you updated about my efforts to reach you.
    When you rely on a deity that you have to make excuses for how can that really mean ‘God will be there.’
    Do you get my ramblings? Another example is those people who were shot in church in the US …was God there – in the church they built for him? Or shall we fumble around to find a reason / excuse why he wasn’t there?


    1. I haven’t been avoiding you Ms Ed πŸ™‚ I’ve been thinking a lot about your questions and comments. The truth is, I don’t have any answers for you. I do believe thst God is there for us, even when bad things happen… Like Columbine, Oak Hill, in the Church where so many people lost their lives-in His house. I believe he cried with us as we mourned the senseless loss of all those people… Mother’s, father’s, children. The problem comes in with Free Will. We all have it. I do not believe for a second that God is a mean spirited being who delights in the suffering of humans in the hopes that they call to Him. But with free will we are left to our own choices and results of them. I’m afraid this will not make much sense, and I’m sorry. At the end of the day God is always there. In the happy anxd the sad times. He offers comfort and hope as well as reassurance that, while we mourn, so does He.

      1. Phnargh!….Dunno what else to say! I’m always pushing people on this subject so don’t worry about it – it’s not just you! There probably isn’t a wrong or right answer as these things can’t be proven and it usually comes down to, as you say free will to believe or not. – But I’m always interested in people twisting it around in their noggins and coming up with a credible human answer – you know me! πŸ™‚ And that’s what you have given. I start snoring when folks give me a cut and paste from the bible.

    1. Lean, sorry I didn’t get this because I think you hit the wrong reply button and I only saw it ‘cos I came to visit the lovely Jenn as it did not come through to MY messages.
      No. I am not there for God. I have no clear evidence he exists to be there for him. If I made up a deity would YOU be there for Him? That’s the crude, devil’s advocate answer because I’m interested in YOUR answer to it.

      Also what does it take to be ‘there for God’ in your eyes?
      (Sorry, can’t stop being an editor!) πŸ™‚

      1. Eh? I answered. I said I don’t know. I do not know if he was the first president.
        He could be the 700th for all I know.
        I cannot say I believe something that I do not know (which reinforces MY OWN argument above by the way!)

        How about I ask you about the historical presidents of India? Would you know the answers?
        Or how about, ‘Do you believe I am wearing a red shirt right now?’

        Was I supposed to say something else to enable your argument? Am I supposed to look it up? I know I can easily look it up but that is not what you asked me.

        Yes I am a smart person. What makes me smart is my open mindedness to be schooled and my willingness to listen to a cogent point. But if you have none to pass on, you’re right, we’ll leave it. All the best to you too Ma’am. πŸ™‚

      2. You would trust this information would be correct because it’s history. It’s something written. Just as I trust the bible is correct, it is written history and has not been disproved. If you study prophecy or understand it. Why would you not trust it was true? It’s been a proven fact, 3 seconds after you die you lose weight. This is your soul leaving. Isn’t it time to find out where your soul will be going? Again, I do wish you the best of luck in your life’s journey. Thank you for your replies and comments. Sincerely – Brenda

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