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I started the journey on November 18. This picture was taken on November 28. It will serve as my before picture! I Actually like this one. There are very few of me that I do like and this will be one of them.

On November 18 & 19 I met with my bariatric team…the Dr., nutritionist, physiologist, and head nurse. Together with two other ladies we listened to a talk on the program, the procedure and life after. We then met individually with each person of the team to talk about goals, how to get started and what was expected. There are going to be some big changes coming in the next two months.

The biggest one has already started… I have given up caffeine!! I have not had coffee or tea since Saturday ( I had already started but caved over a family weekend). So far it sucks. My head hurts, my body aches… Withdrawals are aweful! But it’s getting better every day. I now drink decaf tea with a little milk and no sugar. Meals are tough. I try to make sure I’m getting lots of protein and fewer carbs. We have started a menu plan and that will help. But I track all my food and water. Next is to get exercise back in place. The excuse of no time has to stop. I need to just do it. I need to schedule it like every other appointment and make it happen. Here’s to getting my butt moving again!

Well there you have it. I’m off to a good start I think! Speaking of starts… My official start weight at the clinic was 281.2 lbs. On January 18 I’m hoping to be below 260. We shall see!!

Thank you for all the support and comments to my last post! (some came from Facebook!) the encouragement is amazing and greatly needed! Hugs to you all!!!

Until next time…and I hope it won’t be too long… Have a great rest of your week!


10 thoughts on “Before!”

  1. Good luck Jenn!!! ….that was my first thought. Then I realized that luck will have nothing to do with it! It will all be do to your hard work, planning and desire to meet your goals! You can do it! One thing I totally believe is that if you eat clean and healthy and in the right portions you are on the right track.

    Love you!!!

  2. This is the start of such an exciting (albeit difficult) journey!! Huge congratulations on your hard work so far. (Like giving up caffeine? I just about shut my laptop when I read that! Amazing.) That’s a great ‘before’ picture, and with all the work and determination you’re putting into this process, I know you’ll appreciate the ‘after’ that much more! We’re rooting for you!

    1. Aw..thanks Miranda 🙂 The caffeine part has been very hard. I’ve slipped a couple times and had a coffee… But only one and back to decaf tea… Ugg. I miss it! But the work is worth it and I can’t wait for my next check up 🙂 Thanks for the support! You rock my friend!

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