The Road Home

When Abi Prays

Trying ine her old costume

Tonight at bed time I was blown away by how real Miss Abi is with God.  She said her prayers and I was left missing my own child like heart for God…

Dear God;
Thank you for Auntie Pamina, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Jason and Jet.  Thank you for our food, and our house, and our bed.  It is very comfy.  Thank you to watch a show tomorrow.  Thank you for my happy mom.  Have a good sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow…amen

I believe she will see God tomorrow because she looks for Him, sings songs to Him and talks to Him a lot.  She is my lesson on how to be with God.  After all, isn’t that what He wants?  For us so seek Him, talk to Him, praise Him and have an honest open relationship with Him? 

The prayers of my little Abi…a lesson in Loving God…
Thank you Lord for this gift…  See you tomorrow!


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