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Hand Dyed to Hand Made

I am so excited to start working with my new yarn!  I have finally chosen the pattern… that seems to be the hardest part-matching yarn to patterns!

Now I just have to get it from the bundle it’s in to a ball… this will be interesting! I don’t have any fancy contraptions to help me… so this is how I do it…

It only took 3 hours, and quite a few choice words mumbled under my breath, to get a beautiful ball and 200 stitches cast on 🙂
And so it begins… Looking forward to seeing the end result!!

Happy stitching!


7 thoughts on “Hand Dyed to Hand Made”

  1. It must be wonderful to stitch using those. Now a days I don’t see women doing that in winters in our part of the world(India) only professionals seem to do, though in early childhood it was very normal to see them all around.

    Have a lovely Tuesday.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

  2. A chair back or something wide enough to accommodate the opening of the hank should suffice to make it a bit easier. I’ve seen people use lamp shades. I honestly can’t remember what I used before I got my swift from Fiber Artist Supply Company but, like you I some how managed.

    1. Yeah, it didn’t work this way…. Haha… It turned into a hot mess really fast! Took me almost three hours to get it all untangled and rolled… Sigh.. One down, two more to go! I’ll try the chair though… That’s a great idea, thanks!

      1. Welcome. I was trying to remember what I did. I would put the hank loop over my arm and let it hang from my wrist while I wound by hand into a center pull ball until I bought my ball winder. When I started buying more luxury fibers that came hanked I saw the necessity of purchasing that swift. Otherwise I was just wasting yarn I had bought due to tangles.

  3. Ha ha! No it wasn’t this one! This has now been upgraded to an official investigation! Where is that post?!
    But this post itself opens new queries for me:
    i.e why don’t they just sell it as a ball if that is how it’s needed?
    Why isn’t the dog helping?
    What is the capital of Turkmenistan?
    And lastly whatever became of THIS piece of yarn??!!

    1. Hahaha… My dog is as helpful as a wet paper bag for carrying groceries! hahaha…. I don’t know why they don’t come already wound into a ball, it would make my life so much easier that’s for sure! I have three more from the same lady (I LOVE her yarn) for another project. This yarn ended up looking like this (http://wp.me/p1XOnA-1fP) and the new yarn looks like this (http://wp.me/p1XOnA-1gf)

      I have no idea what the capital of Tukmenistan is… I guess i could look it up 😉

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