My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!, The Road Home

Happy Sunday ~ August 30, 2015


I can’t believe the summer is over!  This week Caleb starts Grade 1….GRADE 1!!!! It feels like yesterday that we were looking for a program for him to help with his speech!  Phew… Time has flown by! 

Another “Oh Man” moment- my baby, Abi, starts preschool next week!!! WHAAAT??!!  I’m a parent of two school age children… Yikes!  Am I ready for this??!! 

As I get ready for another fall and so many changes, my prayers have been full of requests for focus and strength!


Focus so I can keep up with all the new schedule challenges that are sure to come with two school age kids.  Beavers, dance class, swimming lessons, Christmas Concerts, parent teacher meetings…and on and on! 

Strength to be able to keep up with all of those challenges!   Energy, rest, grace…  It will all be needed. 

One thing I plan on doing to help, start journaling again.  It will help keep my prayers focused, my Bible reading on track and a way to see where God has stepped in when I’ve needed Him!


As you get ready for fall and new adventures… I challenge you to rely in the One who can carry us all through it!  Pray for focus and strength… For yourself and for parents and teachers in your life.  We will all need the extra Help!  Maybe you’d even like to give journaling a try too… I’d love to hear how that goes for you!  Or how you do your Bible/prayer journals! 

Have a great week and may you be blessed beyond Imagination!


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