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Tuesday Weigh-In ~ July 28, 205 ~ Stormy Weather Fun!

It has been a crazy few days, as far as weather goes.  Huge amounts of rain (that is slowly finding it’s way into my basement.. Ugg) and strong winds!  Last night there was an amazing lightning show along with some impressive thunder…thankfully the kids slept through it.  Unfortunately, though, this storm also dropped a rather large tornado on our neighbours to the east in Manitoba last night.  Last I heard it was on the ground for almost three hours.  As far as I know, there have only been properties and land damaged and no injuries…  Thanking God for that.  Today its much the same, minus the thunder,  lightning, and tornadoes(hopefully).

So what do you do with two very active kids on a day that isn’t fit for playing outside??  Go nuts and build them a Barn Fort!!  They haven’t played this nicely together in…well I don’t think they ever have to be honest, not this long anyway!  I think I had as much fun building it as they are playing in it!!
Here it is…

So even though we couldn’t be outside while the winds blew and the rains fell… we had a great time inside our Barn Fort… they even sat and ate supper in it and watched there pre-bedtime show with pillows and blankets!  Good times were had by all…

The cost of each set $42

Time spent setting it up,  all the while having little “helpers” tell you what to do: 45 well spent minutes

Watching and listening to your kids run and play, use their imaginations and laugh so you can relax and take it all in and recharge after a week that seems like it will never end (even though it’s only Tuesday!): Priceless!

Have a great week!!



2 thoughts on “Tuesday Weigh-In ~ July 28, 205 ~ Stormy Weather Fun!”

  1. I am (allegedly) a full-blown adult, and this is SO COOL. I wish we had Crazy Forts back in my fort-building days! Even writing that makes me want to drag out some sheets and couch cushions and get to building. Glad you all had a fun Inside Day!

    1. HAHA… it was a lot of fun. They wouldn’t let me in though 😦 I might have to build my own fort some time when they go to bed.. hahaha….

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