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Never Too Old to Improve!

Happy Canada Day!!!  I hope you have been getting out to some of the celebrations going on whereever you are!  Canada is 148 years old!!!

Speaking of old! I had my second 5k event today… The 14th Annual Moose Jawg in Moose Jaw, SK. 

Until last night there was a question as to whether it would actually happen this year.  Most of southern Saskatchewan and down into the states (and way more area than that) has been covered in thick smoke from the dozens of brush and forest fires burning in northern Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.    So many people have been displaced and lost their homes and there is no end in site.  While we enjoyed some rain yesterday, they had high winds and more dry weather.  Because of all thesmoke,  health officials were cautioning people of the health risks of exercising out doors.  The race coordinators issued a statement that the race would go as planned but that people should only participate as they felt they could with these conditions. 

At 545 this morning I made my way to the race area to pick up my race packet and see how bad it was.  Thankfully, it was cool and not as smokey as it had been.  So, we started our race on schedule an 830.  I have been fighting tendinitis in my left foot for a while, making training difficult.  So, I walked…as fast and as hard as I could!  The course officials and water station people were encouraging and cheered us on as we went…it felt like the humidity got higher as we went.  Music playing I hustled on. 

After the race we had a fantastic pancake breakfast and awards were given out for best times over all and by age catagory.  I didn’t get any.  And that is perfectly ok!  For me the reward was three fold…

1. I signed up!
2. I went and gave it everything I physically had
3. I knocked 6 minutes off the time from my first race just over a month ago…

Last in my age group but proud to say I finished!

Not last over all though 🙂

It’s going to be a great year for me.  I’m stepping up and proving to myself that I am better than I think I am!  I’m stringer too!  And I’m improving! 

What’s next?  A 10k run in September in the Queen City Marathon followed by an 8k in Victoria, both with Team Diabetes Canada!   Training will start on Monday.  For the rest of today and this week, I’m relaxing and enjoying my small, yet HUGE, victory! 

A happy (showered) finisher!
The numbers for today!

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