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Taking The Gym Outside!

So my good friend Pamela and I met a couple of her cousins at an outdoor gym! It was awesome!  We plan on going every Monday night rain or shine! Here is the equipment…

Leg Press

Ski type thingy
Shoulder Press and Chest Press

More devices of torture... Rowing Machine and some glide walking thing

The plan (so far) is to do 2 minutes at each station once around. Take a 5 minute break to stretch, do planks, crunches or something and then repeat the circuit until it’s been an hour. We even talked about bringing notebooks to track our reps and mark improvements. I’m going to ask one of the girls to also take my measurements next week and snap some pictures of me working out so I have a visual record of improvements as well 🙂 That will be fun I’m sure.. Can’t wait to see those pictures! Ugg!
Tonight I feel very sore and stiff and it feels great! Tomorrow morning it will be back to walking. It’s been almost a week since I went last… I have tendinitis (or so I’ve been told) in my left foot. It is very frustrating! But tomorrow I’ll start again!

In a week and a half I will take part in my second race… MOOSE JAWG on Canada Day morning. I am so excited!! I only hope my foot will hold out. After that it will be walking only and I might even look into physio or massage therapy to see if that will help.

Well time for this ol’ gal to get some sleep. 530 sneaks up on a person pretty fast! I’m loving trying to get back into a healthy routine! One day at a time, one pound at a time…I’ll reach my 120lb loss yet!! Now, what are you going to do today to start heading toward your goals!? Go do it! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Taking The Gym Outside!”

    1. Yep, I’m the same way! It’s been really tough getting back on track this time. Tonight is round too…including measurements…goody…bla. 🙂

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