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Weigh-In Wednesday ~ May 27, 2015

Last week was a wee bit busy.  I was on the road for a couple of days and so I missed my weigh-in.  However, I did jump on the scale before I left on Tuesday morning and have numbers for the week anyway.  And now, here we are today… another Wednesday!



I am currently on day 3 of a 14 day Fit Challenge!  All I can say is OUCH!  I played catch up last night and did two day’s worth of work outs!  SQUATS are fun when doing them.  I really do like them.  Afterwards, however, DEATH!  But I am so ready for today’s workout!!  Bring it on!

Here are my numbers… I’m including the ones from last week as well…

Two Weeks Ago: 270
Last Week: 276
Today: 274
Goal: 273

I am planning on doing the dreaded measurements over the weekend… eek!

I have registered for my event in Munich and later this month am submitting my travel plans!!!  I can’t wait!  I just need to finish my fundraising, step up my training and renew my passport! (this weekend I think!)

Well that is really all for this week.  I hope you all have a great week!!!  Keep moving!


4 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday ~ May 27, 2015”

      1. Support is awesome to have, so count me in for support! I started a healthy lifestyle in December weighing in at 192lbs. Now I weigh 171 and feel great. I know you can do it!!

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