The One Pound Plan

Weigh – Wednesday on Thursday! May 7, 2015


So, I actually weighed my self on Tuesday and then forgot to do it on Wednesday.  Then I forgot to post yesterday… sooo… here we go…

Tuesdays Weight: 281
Goal: 165!!!  
Next week: 280 🙂 

OUCH!!  That is a horrible number to see in the morning!  Even worse to see it typed out!  But, I wasn’t watching what I ate, I didn’t exercise, I didn’t sleep well, I didn’t drink enough water.  I did eat a lot of junk.  I did a lot of sitting on my a@@, I did a lot of “I need to get moving”.  So, it’s my own doing!

It could have actually been a lot worse.  The night I did my last check in, last week, I did do my first of 4 workouts for the week…

45 seconds Jumping Jacks
45 seconds bicycle crunches
45 seconds flutter kicks
45 seconds Russian Twists
45 seconds Jumping Jacks
45 seconds figure 4 leg lifts
45 seconds Toe Touches (I just did crunches)
45 seconds Jumping Jacks
45 seconds Plank Toe Touches (OUCH!)

Thursday night I took a break because I couldn’t tie up my shoes let alone do a crunch! Friday my kids helped me with my work out and I did the same (minus the jumping jacks because my foot was killing me and jumping wasn’t helping) but I only did 30 of everything and added 30 squats on the end….double ouch!  Saturday and Sunday were complete write offs for working out but Monday night…. Abi helped me with my “Abi” work out…

So there we have it…. I’m off to a slow but good start 🙂  I’ll be back next week with another update!  Got plans to keep moving this week?  What are they?


Have a super Duper week!


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