Team Diabetes

Team Diabetes ~ The Journey Is Worth It

In 5 months I will be packing my bags to complete a journey I started 2 years ago.  When I initially joined up with Team Diabetes, it was to give me a challenge while I got myself in shape~ a training goal.  That goal was to walk or run my first Half Marathon in Scotland.  I wouldn’t be doing it alone though.  I would be joining members of an amazing team who have all been working towards the ultimate goal ~ Help fund research for and to help people living with diabetes in Canada.

However, there were road blocks.  I didn’t make my fundraising goal.  So, I was able to transfer to another event.  I chose Prague in May 2014.  That event ended up getting canceled.  My next choice was Munich.  If all goes well, I will be crossing the finish line in October!

I had some health issues that slowed down, and eventually stopped, my workouts.  High blood pressure, injured shoulder, mental issues.  All adding up to my feeling like I had failed and so just gave up…basically.

Today, I am still dealing with some health issues ~ ones that I’m getting tests done for.  These lingering health issues have given me something to fight for.  Being overweight, I am at risk for developing diabetes.  I need to get it back under control, I need to get back to my initial motivation behind starting this journey….get in shape and fight for people who live with diabetes!

My training has started once again.  Walking/running has been slow as I have a foot injury, but I am moving.  Core strengthening has been my focus this past week.  I am so excited to get back into a groove!

Now I am faced with another challenge…finish my fundraising!  We are given “milestone dates” in order to help us break up the process.  My first date is coming up on May 15.  I need to have raised $2500 by that time.  Currently I am $50 away from meeting that goal!  But meeting that goal is the first of three steps to meeting my $6100 total!  Your donation can help me get closer to the finish line.

I believe we all know someone who is living with diabetes, you may be living with it yourself.  Money I raise helps fund research, education programs, medical aid, and summer camps!  You can be part of this journey!

When I run my first half marathon, it will be with the name of everyone who has cheered me on by making a donation.  Your name will be visible to every one I run with.  You will cross that finish line with me!  But we can only do it if we work together.  Here are two ways you can help…

1.  Donate today. No gift is too small.  Every dollar raised makes a difference.  You can donate by visiting my page HERE.


2. Help spread the word.  Along with making a donation, even if you are unable to make one, please share this post with your readers.  Many hands make light work.

I'm looking forward to adding to this number!
I’m looking forward to adding to these numbers!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to comment below, or you can email me directly:

Join with me and lets finish this journey together!  Together we can make a difference!


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