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Window Into ~ The Unknown

I love taking pictures!  I am not a photographer of note by any stretch, but I have taken some great pictures in my time.  Today my friend Pamela and I went on a little photography adventure.  I have driven past the same old farm house several times.  Every time I do, I think of how I would love to take pictures of it some day.  Well, today was the day!

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I don’t know anything about this house.  It has some lovely spray paint writing inside, lots of booze bottles and chemical cans.  We were actually hoping not to run into someone sleeping off the drink!  I really want to go back and check out the upstairs… but who knows… it might not be that safe.  The basement windows were really creepy looking.  I loved every minute of it!


On the way back to town we stopped and took pictured of an old grain barn and some old grain bins…

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Once again, nothing known about these.  They are on the edge of properties next to the highway.  It was a very fun day.  I would love to take more pictures on a nicer day to get more color and less creepy shots 🙂  Someday!!


I hope you had a great weekend and that you have a wonderful week!  Get out there and find something unknown 🙂


4 thoughts on “Window Into ~ The Unknown”

  1. The pictures you took of the old barn in particular are gorgeous! I love the one of the roof… the light peeking through looks like stars. Also- love the new design of your blog! (Or maybe it’s less than new… I’ve been SO terrible about catching up on my bloggie reading lately.)

    1. Thanks Miranda! Yes, the “stars” picture is one of my favorites. I look the barn pictures now and think what great color! hahaha…. I like them lots 🙂 Nice to see you stop by 🙂 Looking forward to catching up when your “normal” kicks in 🙂

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