My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

Happy April Fools!

I have seen a lot of funny things flying around Facebook and the internet in honor of today… but so far my most favorite pranks are the ones that WestJet come up with every year… here are some from the past couple of years, starting with this years!  They are worth the watch!

2015 – Smart Seats

2014 – Metric Time!

2013 – Furry Family

2012 – Kargo Kids

2011 – Helium


Hope you have a fun day and that you were made to smile!


7 thoughts on “Happy April Fools!”

      1. Oh yeah….I really enjoy flying g with them. The first time I flew with them, I was coming back to Regina from the west coast and they were playing Hawaiian music as they welcomed us home to a “Balmy -36, three feet of fresh snow and more on the way!” I thought it was fantastic! Not the weather so much!

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