My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

The Story Of The Fifty


On Friday morning I stopped to pick up coffee for Pamela on my way to deliver her Jamberry order. I came to a stop sign and something caught my eye. There is the mud left behind by the melting snow was a fifty dollar bill! By the time I realized what is was looking at and try to pick it up car drove over top of it and stopped and there was a line of cars behind me…darn! Not wanting to just give up on $50 I made a u-turn when I could and drove back to the intersection. It’s $50! But, alas someone else drove over it again and another line of cars was behind me…Oh well. Guess it’s not meant to be. I drove away praying that someone who needed some money would find it and pick it up.

Lunch time. I drove to Tim’s for a coffee and a sandwich for lunch. By this time I had almost forgotten about the money. As I was driving to work it was still there!!! I couldn’t believe it! But traffic was so busy I didn’t even try to stop…and I was running late because Oscar was in the back seat and I was supposed to drop him off at my sister-in-laws for the night…oops! I forgot he was there! So I dropped him off and carried on to work…Still praying someone would be blessed by the money.

Friday evening we left for a Curling fundraiser. On the way out of town we stopped at Tim Hortons, again! Yep, I love my Tims coffee! I told my sister-in-law about the money had seen earlier and said I would be very surprised if it was still there. Guess what! It was! We got to the corner and she hopped out of the car and picked it up!


It was torn and muddy and had obviously been driven over several times! But we had extra money for the weekend. What a blessing!

As I looked at the money, dirty and torn I felt a tug in my chest. As it sat on the dash board drying it got a little brittle, let it would crumble if it were to be touched again, it made me think about life…specifically my life. It made me think about my relationship with God.

How many times has God wanted to pick me up out of the mud of my life and something gets in the way…I put up some kind of block that keeps me from His grasp. Until one time I allow Him to pick me up. Usually by that time I’m much like this fifty..muddy and torn and starting to crumble under my own choices in life. Yet, He can still make something out of me. I can be repurposed and renewed, I just have to let Him pick me up. I prayed that someone who needed the money would pick it up….apparently it wasn’t the money I needed but the reminder. Muddy, torn and brittle I am still loved and worth the effort of rescuing. Thanks for the blessing of answered prayer Lord!


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