My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

Coffee and a Catch-up


Today it’s a warm -43C with the wind… that’s -45F for my friends south of me…. in other words IT’S TOO COLD FOR THIS HUMAN!


How are you?  It’s been a while.  Tell me what’s been going on?  Are you keeping warm?  How’s the family?


Things here are good.  I have sort of fallen off the blog wagon for a bit.  I have hit a block and don’t know what to write about these days.  I’m still not working out like I want to be so I can’t really report about that.  My kids are still as cute as ever….only they are growing way to fast!  Brian is fantastic as always.  So Life is good!  Just COLD!!!

I am going to try some Blog Planning and get some things posted again soon.  I really do miss posting, but I also don’t want to just post ramblings… although that’s what I have done today.  But today was more to let you know I’m still here and I haven’t dropped off the face of the world wide web!


Well, time to finish my coffee… I hope you all have a Super Duper Wednesday!  Stay warm!  I’ll be back!





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