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Baby It’s Cold Outside

That’s right… its -35 (-33 F) with the wind today… ugg… and so its coffee and crochet whe the kids play Lego and cars!  Can’t complain really 🙂 

While surfing Facebook and catching up on what’s been going in with friends…I found this picture shared by a friend grom “Brown Dog Fibre Arts Studio”…. I would love a tattoo some day and I love knitting, but this might be a bit much for me.  But I do think it is very cool!  Great detail! 

Give new meaning to a sleeve tattoo!

Have a great weekend all… stay warm!


2 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

  1. -33 degrees!!?!?!?!?!? Is that a number????? Schools were shut down today because it was 5F degrees with a high of 15F today. I think my city would have totally been paralyzed if it was -33 degrees here. How does that even work? Do things still run normally there? I don’t know what people did when they were pioneers and had to live in log cabins. That’s insane. And btw, I think the tatoo

  2. Oh my yes everything still runs here when it’s that cold. Last winter we had a -45c (-49F) and the only things not running were schools…and me! I don’t like it this cold. I would not be too upset with 5F 🙂 Do you have any snow?

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