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A (Not So) Happy Friday


Have you ever had one of those days.  You’re sure someone is waiting to jump out and say “Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!!!”  I’ll be honest, if that had happened yesterday I would have punched them in the throat!   It just seemed to be one mess after another. First, 70 bulletins printed wrong and then I couldn’t get the power point slides to load properly…. at the end of the day I was so done with computers! Unfortunately, I was hosting a Facebook Jamberry Party so had to use one to run the games.  I’m so thankful none of the problems followed me home!  Fortunately….I enjoyed the party and it was a great ending to a not so great day!

I’m glad the photocopier was working… this would have sucked
And now it’s Saturday and I’m happily caffeinated! Tomorrow I leave for a three day work retreat and I can’t wait! I feel a little selfish looking forward to going away, leaving Brian alone with the kids, getting four nights of uninterrupted sleep, and no toddlers yelling and screaming at each other… only a little.. haha…

Well, its time to have some more coffee, do laundry and start packing… have a Super Duper weekend!


3 thoughts on “A (Not So) Happy Friday”

    1. Yes I will… its going to be a great topic and I’m looking forward to getting to know the pastors in my region 🙂 last years was fantastic! Love you my friend! We need to have a visit soon!

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