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Happy 500 To Me!

500WOW!  500 posts!  That’s crazy!  I can’t believe I’m at 500 already!  It feels like I just started blogging yesterday!  I don’t have any big count down to my favorite post or anything planned…sorry.  This sort of snuck up on me!  But I’ll work on something and publish it soon 🙂

In the mean time…it’s Monday … again!  Am I ready for another week?  Nope! hahaha…it was a good weekend.  It went by way too fast!  Abi had her last dance class for this session…


I understand now why parents aren’t allowed to watch the classes…my kid was the ONLY one NOT doing all the moves!  She walked around with her hand in her mouth looking at daddy and not paying attention!  The few pictures I got of her doing anything, she didn’t really have a choice as she was part of the train…yikes!  The instructor told me she has always participated during the class time and that sometimes when it’s Parents watch day some kids just shut down…thanks kid!  hahaha…but I know she can do all the moves, she’s been doing them at home 😀  Still, she was so cute!  I hope to get her in to tap/ballet starting in the fall….eek!

Not only is it Monday, but it’s the first Monday of February!  Love Month!  Heart Health month!  It’s also the beginning of “RRRRrrrroll up the RRrrrim to Win” at Tim Horton’s!  I had some change in my coat this morning and so I picked up a coffee on my way to work.

I haven’t won anything the last two times it was happening, so lets see if I am a winner this time…

Roll Up The Rim To Win
WOOHOO!!! Free Coffee!!! It’s a good day!



I have a busy week ahead, so I better get this coffee down and get moving.  Next week I am away for a work retreat (aka Child Free Mini Break!…nope not excited about that at all!)  So I better get to this check list of things to get done!  Have a Super Duper day!

*Shameless Jamberry Plug*  If you are on Facebook and want to win some stuff, you should check out my launch party for PrairieJams, it starts tonight and runs all week!


2 thoughts on “Happy 500 To Me!”

    1. Hi Shelley!! Thanks for joining the journey! Very excited you’ll be sticking around! I love the name of your blog and will pop by to check it out when I’m done work! Habe a great day!

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